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Documentary Review of Netflix' Lewis Capaldi, How I am feeling Now


A collaboration with Dr Cameron MP, and Dr Beretti (then trainee), providing a psychological review of Lewis Capaldi's Netflix Documentary (Politics Home).


An collaborative article between Dr Cameron MP and Dr Beretti (then trainee) raising awareness on mental health and cognition for people living with multiple sclerosis (Comment Central).

Article raising awareness of the effects of multiple sclerosis on mental health and cognition
Article raising awareness of health inequalities in the UK, and how to reduce them. Written in collaboration with University of Cambridge, House of Commons and Queen Mary University.


A collaborative article with Dr Cameron MP and Dr Beretti (then trainee), Dr John Ford and Dr Ian Holdroyd (University of Cambridge Public Health Research Centre) on reducing health inequalities


Léa Beretti, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist on a placement in Parliament with Dr Lisa Cameron MP, marks the 75th anniversary of the NHS (British Psychology Society).

Article raising awareness of the issues related to bladder cancer in the UK, in collaboration with Fight Bladder Cancer UK, and House of Commons
family, blended family, therapy, private therapy, private therapy london


This article delves into the difficulties of adjusting to a blended family which can be a challenging journey, marked by a myriad of emotions, transitions, and complexities (Counselling Directory).


A short text highlighting the challenges and barriers which disabled entrepreneurs face. Written in collaboration with Dr Lisa Cameron MP, and Small Businesses Britain (Comment  Central).

Article written in collaboration with House of Commons and Small Businesses Britain raising awarness of the challenges faced by disabled entrepreneurs.
BPS logo, linking to an article written by founder.


An interview with Dr Roman Raczka (President-Elect of the BPS), Dr Lisa Cameron MP, and Léa Beretti, then trainee clinical psychologist. The interview addresses the role of psychologists in politics, for social change.


Deciding to end any relationship can be a difficult decision to make, and bring up a plethora of feelings. Ending a therapeutic relationship can be very similar! This article, recognises this, and provides a guide on how to manage such a difficult decision (Counselling Directory). 

end of therapy, closure, therapy, private therapy, private therapy london


stress, work, balance, therapy, private therapy, private therapy london

Stress, our body’s response to pressure, helps us push through fear and solve problems. Although it is incredibly beneficial to keep us safe and away from threats, experiencing stress on a long-term basis can have adverse effects on us (Counselling Directory).


In the fast-paced and demanding world of work, many individuals struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The challenge becomes even more pronounced when integrating essential personal commitments, such as attending therapy sessions. This article explores practical strategies and tips on effectively managing work responsibilities while making room for therapy during work hours (Counselling Directory).

balance, work-life, therapy, private therapy, private therapy london
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Breakups are often challenging. They mark the end of a relationship, triggering a wave of emotions that can leave individuals feeling adrift in a sea of uncertainty and despair. This article explores the psychological processes underlying break-ups (Counselling Directory).


Feelings of envy are a shared human experience. Yet, they can be challenging to navigate without the right tools and support. This article talks about the differences with envy and jealousy, as well as provides tips on how to manage these challenging feelings (Counselling Directory).

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